Fix My Agility


By Kris & Chris


Fix My Agility is an 8 week online program geared toward a students individual agility issues. Each student often finds they have problems with certain obstacles, handling or need help or clarification on how to train particular skills


Each week you are allowed to post 2 videos on skills that you are having trouble with. Please have your videos no more than 1.5 minutes long and uploaded to YouTube. You are allowed to ask particular questions in relation to your videos. We will then give you feedback on how to help you train your skills better and give you suggestions on what may help your dog learn a particular behavior quicker and with more accuracy. We will also give you feedback on the way you are training and help with your timing and mechanics. 


No subject is off the table for this class. Anything agility related, Contacts, weaves, handling, relationship building, toy and food drive flatwork and basic obedience.


All levels from beginner to International Agility and basic obedience.


When you sign up, you will receive access to our video submission form page. This is you will send us the YouTube link to the video you would like us to see. On the form, you can also post your questions. 


Cost is $200 for the 8 Weeks, you can use your credits on your account for this class. If you wish to use your class credits, please call or email us as we need to manually put them in our system. 941-833-3358 or

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